Elizabeth Ostler

Elizabeth Ostler is a Brooklyn-based storyteller, artist & activist. Liz035

Liz is a multimedia artist, photographer, sculptor and writer. She uses her art to bring awareness to social issues, such as gender inequality, domestic violence and human trafficking.

Liz is the founder of Life’s Echoes.

She is a theater-maker, specializing in directing and puppetry. She is the creator of Communal Theater, an approach to creating theater rooted in the belief that theater should be a communion between the audience and the theater event. Liz is the co-founder of the NYC Artist Group which offers professional development workshops and networking opportunities for NYC theater artists. She has been creating theater for over twenty years with various theaters in New York and Utah.

Liz is an editor at The Mormon Women’s Project.

She currently teaches writing at Lehman College & writing and public speaking at LIM College.

Liz holds an MFA in theater directing from Brooklyn College and a BA in liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College.

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