Vulnerability Workshop for Actors


Have you ever been told by a director or instructor to be more open, to be more vulnerable?

What does that mean? How can you do that?


Living and creating with vulnerability is a skill set that you can absolutely learn. In this workshop, you will cultivate practical skills to apply immediately to help you be more vulnerable – open, grounded, connected, and generous – in your acting.

We’ll identify behaviors and limiting beliefs that might prevent you from fully showing up in your auditions, rehearsals, and performances.

This innovative approach to creating with vulnerability integrates the work of theater artists, thought leaders, researchers, poets, and artists, such as Augusto Boal, Jerzy Grotowski, Brene Brown, Tara Mohr, Bryon Katie, David Whyte & others.

Throughout this workshop, learn how to create with vulnerability & infuse your craft with authenticity, empowerment, and joy.