A Midwinter’s Tune-Up: A head-to-soul acting workshop

I’m excited to be teaching this innovative, refreshing and transformative workshop again with the fantastic Stephen Kaliski, Kristi Dana & Amanda Holston.


MidWinter TuneUp Instructors

Warm up with NYC Artist Group’s Midwinter’s Tune-Up, a one-day, head-to-soul acting workshop that integrates cutting edge performance techniques invoice, body, self-awareness, and action. Featuring focused seminars from four of New York’s most passionate and innovative teachers, you’ll learn how to harness your most authentic self with this comprehensive journey through your acting craft.

Open to participants of 2015’s first Tune-Up and newbies alike, this workshop makes a perfect addition to your holiday wish list!

WHEN: Saturday, January 23rd, 10am-8pm

WHERE: CAP21 Studios, 18 West 18th Street, Manhattan

COST: Early Bird Special: $150 before January 2nd. $175 after January 2nd.

TO SIGN UP: E-mail stephen@stephenkaliski.com

“The workshop was really mind-opening.  Getting to see four different approaches to the craft of acting opened a greater appreciation for what I do.  It’s also humbling: no matter how much you learn, there is always so much more to explore.”