Time to Tell Your Story


What’s your story?

Whether you are a professional actor or vocalist, a stay-at-home parent or a corporate executive you hold a story within you. A story as unique and identifying as your fingerprint. It informs how you see yourself and it affects the daily interactions you have with loved ones and the world around you.

Your story needs to be heard.



The stories we tell ourselves are the key to our well being, and telling them in the right way can transform our lives and the lives of those we share them with.

In this workshop you will be guided in a safe and supportive space to:

  • Find, understand and reveal your personal life story
  • Structure your story through the use of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
  • Authentically share your story with truth & courage
  • Express your story thoroughly through the use of your body & voice
  • Fully engage & connect to your audience

It’s time to tell your story.

Join us as we create, collaborate & celebrate the stories that make us who we are today.

We are only taking 10 participants. Sign up now to secure your spot.


Saturday, June 17th
1PM to 7PM


Ripley-Grier Studios
131 west 72nd st.
New York, New York


$160. Sign up before June 5th and get 20% off ($128)

Space is limited, so sign up now!



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Joseph Masi

Professional Actor, Educator &
Corporate Presentation Coach

Over the past 15 years, through the use of acting, vocal and movement methodology, Joseph has guided and inspired thousands of people from all walks of life and all ages to step boldly into a new and more courageous way of living.

Joseph holds an M.F.A. in Acting from Brooklyn College and an M.S.Ed in Counseling from Fordham University. Joseph is also an iPEC certified Energy Leadership Coach.


Elizabeth Ostler

Storyteller, Theater-Maker,
Public Speaking Instructor, Educator & Artist

Elizabeth has over twenty years of experience telling stories. She teaches public speaking and writing at LIM College and writing at Lehman College. She is the creator of Communal Theater, an approach to creating theater that cultivates a connection between the audience and artists. She is the founder and CEO of Life’s Echoes.

Elizabeth holds a MFA in Theater Directing from Brooklyn College and a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College.