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[ut_quote_alt author=”Amanda, Costume Designer”] Liz has the ability to gather a diverse group of people in a room, usually strangers, and by the end of the gathering they feeling a connection to the group and each person there. [/ut_quote_alt]

[ut_quote_alt author=”Mike, actor”] What I took away really helped me to recognize that I am enough to fill the needs of a piece and that I have a right to be heard. [/ut_quote_alt]

[ut_quote_alt author=”Tricia, actor”] At the time I was still at a very immature stage in my artistry as well as my personal development. I couldn’t help but surrender to the freedom Liz’s technique encouraged. Everything I imbibed during the process challenged me to dig, to accept, and ultimately, to grow. She undoubtedly knows her stuff and I would vouch for her wholeheartedly. [/ut_quote_alt]

[ut_quote_alt author=”Heather, actor & graphic designer”] Liz saw something in me that I certainly didn’t know was inside myself. She helped me unlock my potential through her encouragement and thoughtful direction. Liz helped me believe that I had everything I needed inside of me. I still occasionally struggle with believing in myself, but I always can go back to that experience and draw strength from it so that I can carry on. [/ut_quote_alt]