Welcome Spring!

Well, hello there, Spring!

It’s finally feeling like Spring in NYC.  

I even ate lunch outside today with my dear friend & collaborator, Steve.  While looking for a place to sit, we saw large pots full of hyacinths & daffodils ready to bloom. 

Just as the Earth is awaking from a loooong slumber with vibrancy and wonder, I feel a creative energy surging inside of me which has me excited to revive some hibernating projects and start a few new ones.  

Even with excitement, I still have to move past those pesky insecurities that always creep up every time I start a new project.  Seriously, every time! 

I’m reminded of that fantastic statement by Anais Nin:


I remember that playing small is so much more painful than expanding.  

I remember that my question for 2014 (byway of Danielle LaPorte) is: Will I have to shrink to make this work or is this were I can expand?  

If the answer is shrink – I say no, thank you. 

If the answer is expand – I take a deep breath, lean into the discomfort & say YES!

Actively participating in life requires taking the risk to blossom.  

What does blossoming look like in your life?      

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